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A Guide to Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

If you know what to do with your auto insurance claim then it can be spared you from experiencing headaches. it will give you better value for your insurance dollars. It is possible to have your isnruance work for you in case you meet an accident, or when you care is damaged by fire, flood or vandalism, or if you are is stolen. The following steps will teach you how to file an auto claim insurance.

You should first call your insurance agent or the company’s representative. Calling your insurance agent is very important and it should be done no matter where you are or if another person has caused the accident. What you will ask your insurance agent is how to proceed and the paperwork or documents that you would need to support your claim. Your company may require a proof of loss form by your company and documents that relate to your claim These can include medical records and car repair bills, and a copy of the police report.

When selecting an auto body repair shops to fix your car, you make your own choice. Many states have laws that prohibit steering to specific repair shops.

A good body repair shops provide guarantees and specific timelines on repairs. BEfre signing off on repair costs, find out settlement amounts since your insurance policy has certain limits and deductibles. If you don’t know where to take your vehicle to be fixed, most insurance companies will provide you with a list of repair shops that are backed by repair and labor guarantees.

When your insurer asks for information, then you should give it immediately. You need to cooperate when your insurer is investigating. Your cooperation is needed when it comes to settlement or defense of any claim. Legal documents that you receive in connection with any claim should be turned over to your company. IF a claim was brought against you, your insurer will represent you, and if you are sued as a result of the accident, then your insurer will defend you.

Your expenses should be kept track of. The expenses for fixing your auto after an auto accident may be reimbursed to you. And this is under your policy. All your medical and hospital expenses and other costs as lost wages will be paid by your no-fault insurer. make copies for your paperwork. Your paperwork copies should be stored in your own files. You may be needing them at a later time.

Talk things over with your agent or an adjuster if you are not satisfied with the settlement offer. Check your policy to see what settlement steps it outlines.

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