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List of Potential Dangers for Toddlers Lying Around in Your Home

When you become a parent, you should embrace this with lots of happiness and enthusiasm as it is a huge blessing. Children are a great source of joy to families including peace and a sense of responsibility now that someone is dependent on you. When one becomes a parent, there is always the fear and worry for the safety of the child and this never goes away really even when they grow older. With being a parent, there are things that click automatically and you find yourself getting rid of or controlling so as to ensure that the toddlers are safe but there are other things that we lack knowledge of and could actually be of great danger to them. Being a parent calls for the need to be constantly aware of the location of your child and the things that they are interacting with so as to ensure their safety at all times. All these potential hazards should be eradicated so as to ensure that they do not come across them as they crawl and play around. The following are the potential dangers for toddlers at home.

To begin within the list of potential hazards to children is slipping as they try to crawl and make their first steps around the house. During growth, there comes a stage where children want to learn how to walk and actually try it out as they see others do and this is a great call for caution as there are things that might trip them and make them slip which could turn out to be very fatal. Majority of children try out walking by supporting themselves on the objects that are around the house such as the table which at times could move and cause the child to slip and fall and with their fragile bodies, lots of harm could be caused. Due to this, you need to ensure that you look at them and be physically present as they try to walk around and hold them when they slip off.

The second potential hazard to toddlers at home on the list is chocking form the objects they play around with. Of course most parents are usually cautious of the food that their children ingest so that they do not chock on them but what most parents are ignorant of is that the little toys and objects that kids play with pose a great danger to them. As a parent, you should ensure that you are aware of the things that toddlers play with around the house and how safe are they for them.

Coming third in the list of the things that could cause danger to toddlers at home are the sharp items found at home. Children, of course, have no developed judgment of being able to differentiate between harmful objects and safe objects and that is why it is crucial as a parent to ensure that all sharps are safely kept away from the reach of children at all to prevent these fatalities from taking place.